Thursday, September 29, 2016

Truman tries to thwart more sketches

Whenever I get out the leash, Truman gets very excited, yet I believe his little doggie brain is conflicted -- the leash means "Mom's leaving our happy home!  Must go with her!  But wait--that means I have to leave the happy home.  Oh no!"

Here is what he does:

As soon I approach with the leash, he rolls onto his back and tries to keep me from attaching it to his harness.

His tail is wagging the whole time, though, so I don't think he's trying all that hard to avoid going out.

Once the leash is successfully attached, he is resigned to whatever adventure I will force him to endure.

Yesterday's adventure was pretty simple--we went to Magnuson Park with our friend Nicole to get in a little sketching at the P-Patch community garden there.

Because there are so many wonderful views and things to draw there, I decided to do little vignettes instead of trying to capture everything in one bigger picture.

Truman got out of his stroller for a short walk before we left.

Lastly for today, here are two sketches I did in the past week that I haven't been able to fit into other blog posts.

This is a small section of the garden decor in my back yard:

And this is the vending machine in the car service waiting room which I drew while Winnie the Wienermobile got her muffler repaired:

Don't know if I'll get out and about today for sketching or birding or whatever, as it is starting to turn a little cooler these days.  So there may not be a post on Friday.  And the posts might get more infrequent as the autumn weather arrives and I can't get out as much.


  1. Dogs are funny. So, is Winnie good for another 20 years LOL?

    1. I hope Winnie is good until I can afford a newer car in about 2 years or so!