Monday, September 26, 2016

Bloedel Garden, part 2

Last Thursday Tina and I visited the Bloedel garden on Bainbridge Island, and we brought our sketch books.  After viewing the entire grounds (150 acres), we wound up drawing back at the same place where we sketched on our previous visit -- the lovely Japanese garden.

While working on the second sketch, I kept getting distracted by all the dragonflies around, including this pair of Striped Meadowhawks engaged in a reproductive act.  You just never know what you'll see when you're out on a sketching expedition.

We slowly worked our way back to the entrance gate house, which I did a quick drawing of:

After three hours of walking the grounds and drawing, we headed back to the ferry, where we had about a half hour wait. I was entertained by the Black Turnstones that were feeding on the piers.

Here is the view from the ferry on its return to Seattle:

As you can see, we had great weather for our outing.  Soon the Autumn weather will arrive, and we'll have to find indoor sketching spots -- not my favorite thing, but it can't be summer all the time.  Sigh.


  1. Oh, striped meadowhawks! We don't get those, though superficially they look a lot like some that we do get. The autumn meadowhawk currently rules around here.


    1. I thought at first they were Cardinal Meadowhawks as those are the ones I see all the time, but on closer inspection of my photos (there were at least a dozen flying about) the differences became clear. New species for me!