Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last weekend's sketch outings: Edmonds marina and Magnuson Park

We've been having an Indian Summer here, which will probably end soon, but in the meantime, as long as it's not raining and not chilly, it's sketching weather.  There is no point staying indoors when it's 70 and sunny -- get outside while you can!

On Saturday the Northend Sketchers (Tina, Nicole and I) headed up even farther north to Edmonds for more boat sketching at the marina.  I'm not that fond of drawing boats, and I remembered there was a sculpture of seals on the beach, so I started off there instead.

Then I joined my friends at the marina, where I tried drawing a boat:

You may have noticed a distinct lack of Truman in these photos.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach at Edmonds, so he had to stay home to guard it against incursions by squirrels and juncos (he really has it in for the juncos).

On Sunday, however, I wanted to go somewhere he could come.  We wound up at Magnuson Park wetlands.

See -- here is Truman enjoying the sunshine at the park:

And here he is persistently ignoring Tina's dog Ginger:

I was happy with the sketches I did over the weekend, except for that last one -- I added too much watercolor and I think it looks messy.  Oh, well.  I'll just have to try sketching that same spot again on another warm sunny autumn day.


  1. I think you are getting better at drawing boats - practice makes perfect don't you know?

  2. Espesially love the seals today, the sculpture too, they are my favourite sea creature.
    My question today, what's a junco?

    1. Dark-eyed Juncos are little songbirds in the sparrow family, mostly grayish-brown all over with a very dark head, and white stripes on the underside of their tails. They make a call that sounds like "tick tick" and love to scurry all over Truman's yard looking for seeds in flocks of 10-12 birds. And he loves to chase them off!

    2. Here's a link to a photo of a junco on our front fence: