Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sketching at Magnuson Park

On Sunday Tina and I took the dogs to the Magnuson Park P-Patch community garden for a short sketch outing.  It was pleasantly sunny and not too hot, and we had an abundance of views to choose from.

Because we all went in Tina's car, I couldn't fit in Truman's stroller, and he was not happy sitting on the ground while I drew.  He wanted up on my lap and was not pleased at being denied.

I chose this pergola as my first subject.

Truman continued to insist that my lap was far preferable to the ground.  I tried pointing out to him that neither Duke nor Ginger were trying to sit on Tina's lap, but this failed to impress him.

We had time for another quick sketch, so I opted for a much smaller subject.

When we returned to the car, Truman could sit on my lap, and he was finally happy.

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