Monday, September 19, 2016

Crown Hill and Golden Gardens

Truman and I explored the Crown Hill neighborhood a little bit one day last week...I don't remember which day, as all the days kind of run together now that I'm retired.  It was a weekday, I do know that!

Anyway,  I tootled over to Crown Hill and parked at a random spot and got out to see if there was anything interesting to draw.  Two blocks from the car, I found the Northminster Presbyterian Church, with a convenient spot across the street to park my camp chair.

I liked the bell tower enough to do a detail ink drawing of it:

Truman was bored by sketching, as usual, so I rewarded him by going a short ways down the road to Golden Gardens park.

We had some good heron action there.

And we had a lovely stroll along the beach.

I think Truman forgave me for making him sit around while I drew stuff, don't you?


  1. Great sketch. Did Truman have a paddle?

    1. The tide was pretty far out but he did make an effort to get to the water, though he couldn't get in very deep, just a wade up to his ankles (which isn't very high!).