Friday, September 9, 2016

Three Sketches Plus Truman's Afternoon Adventures

Another fun-filled week of Being Retired wound up with the next-door house, which is undergoing a major remodel, getting a new driveway.  This involved cement trucks hanging out where Truman could see and bark at them, and where I could sketch them.

Later that same day, I was leafing through a library book about keeping an artist's journal, and the author suggested giving each journal a special title.  So I opened a new sketchbook and drew this on the front page:

That was fun!

And now for the real reason everyone reads this blog -- Travels with Truman!

Yesterday we went on a mini-adventure in the neighborhood.  Our first stop was the local hardware store, where I got a key copy made and where Truman admired the gardening tools.

Our second stop a few blocks farther along was the library, where I checked out two mystery novels.

Our third and final stop was the weekly farmer's market just outside the library.

Here we stopped at the cheese stand, where I bought my favorite EXTRA-sharp cheddar.

While I was making my purchase, Truman hopped out of the stroller and positioned himself below the free sample bins in the hope that someone would drop a piece.  Alas, no one did...but he did get a wee piece of the cheddar I bought.

Happy Friday!

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