Monday, September 5, 2016

Possibly the last Osprey update

The Osprey family is busy fishing and flying and preparing to migrate, which may happen at any time now.  I visited them at the Fill on Sunday morning and was treated to quite a show.  At first, I saw only one of the youngsters at the platform.

There were lots of crows in the trees behind the platform, more than usual.  There had been a football game at the nearby stadium on Saturday, and crows always turn up in large numbers the morning after a game to help clean up the mess.

The crows in the trees were very vocal, and as I drew closer, I could see why -- a Cooper's Hawk was trying to relax in the tree and the crows were not allowing that.   The poor hawk chose the wrong day to come to the Fill!

There was a lot of chasing in both directions -- crows at hawk, then hawk at crows.

Eventually the hawk flew away and things quieted down a bit.  Most of the crows flew back to the stadium clean-up crew.  But not long after, a bunch of them flew back to harass an Osprey that flew in towards the platform.

It was quite a show, and I'm glad I was there to see it!

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