Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sketching at Kubota Garden

Last Saturday the Northend Urban Sketchers (Tina, Nicole, and I) ventured south to the Daniel Smith art supply store where I bought a flat waterbrush and two more colors to add to my watercolor palettes. I now have to use two palettes, currently with 42 colors, plus a small 10-color gouache set. No, I don't really need all those colors -- my small travel set has only 10 colors and I do just fine with it alone.  But sometimes it's fun to play around with lots of colors -- and it's easier to just have coral pink without having to try mixing it.

Since we were down south anyway, after shopping we headed farther south and east to Renton, where we visited Kubota Garden park to do a bit of sketching.

There were two wedding parties at the park that afternoon, but after some exploring, I managed to find a few quiet spots where I could sit and draw.

I've drawn the red bridge before, and would like to try it again some time, but after I snapped this photo, it got crowded with people.

So I moved a bit farther away and did this lovely scene instead.

A very pleasant afternoon all round!


  1. The one with color is simply lovely. I like the sketch too, mainly because I have no talent at all LOL but the colored one is wonderful.

    1. Thanks! Could you tell that I used that spattering technique on the gravel path in front? That was fun to do.

    2. I hadn't noticed that. It was much more noticeable when I clicked on it and enlarged it.