Monday, October 3, 2016

Art Everywhere You Look

On Saturday or maybe Friday -- the days kind of run together for me now -- Truman and I headed to the Montlake Fill to look at birds, having heard that the loop trail was mostly open now, only to find that it was not.  This is most vexing!  The construction folks (who are adding new wetlands) claimed back in June that the trail closures would last through mid-July.  Then they changed it to end of July, then to mid-August, then to end of August.  Well, here it is OCTOBER and they are still closing the trail on random days!  Honestly.

So Truman and I were thwarted.  Yesler Swamp is always open, but rather small and not terribly thrilling.  After twenty minutes there, we gave up and headed for Magnuson Park.  There I decided to check out Promontory Point, which is often good for birds, and where I haven't been in ages.  There weren't a whole lot of birds there -- some chickadees, a towhee or two, and a nice little kinglet -- but I did find this:

These wonderful murals were on a building that gave no clue as to what it is for -- maybe a tool/equipment shed?

It's just sitting there out at the far end of the park at the base of Promontory Point, out of the way of most visitors.  Quite a lovely surprise.

And here is another random shot of Truman navigating the hill trail, complete with fallen trees.

Other than Magnuson Park, which we went to three times in the past week, Truman and I have not done much of anything except a bit of gardening (he helps with the digging).

At the opposite end of Magnuson from Promontory Point is our favorite spot of late, the P-Patch community garden.  I did another set of small views there, rather than trying to capture the big picture.  I think these work well, and weather permitting, hope to do more soon.

I tried to do something similar yesterday at the Lake Forest Park farmer's market, not as successfully but still okay.

The weather, however, is supposed to cool, cloudy, and showery all week long, so there may not be any updates this week.  Just so you know.

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