Monday, October 24, 2016

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The post title is just a summary of several days last week during which my enjoyment of the retired life continued apace.  The basic retirement routine is:  1) sleep in until it's light enough outside to see what the weather is doing, 2) if it's nice, find somewhere to go outside for a bit and if it's not, haul out the indoor arts & craft projects, 3) make sure Truman is suitably entertained, and 4) watch baseball.  Sweet!

So here are photos from several days of strenuous retirement living.

Truman waits to be entertained.

I decided to add a few silhouette birds to the leafy wall decor area.

At Magnuson Park one fine sunny day, there were both Western Grebes (first two pics) and a Horned Grebe -- the Wintering-Over Waterfowl are returning!

Truman ignored the water this time -- possibly it was a bit too cold.

But he was a happy, suitably entertained dog.

Finally, here are some views from a walk around Green Lake Park.

Another winter visitor -- Common Merganser.

A plein air painter working in oils.

Green Lake was where the Seattle Urban Sketch group met for their monthly outing this past Sunday.  I'll post about that tomorrow.

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