Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Time!

It's pumpkin harvest season, and last Saturday Truman and I headed over to the Shoreline Farmer's Market to check out the giant pumpkin contest.

Pumpkins were being weighed while we watched.

We didn't stay to see which pumpkin won, but later learned that the winning pumpkin weighed 1,750 pounds!

This was the last farmer's market for the season.  We stopped by this dog treat table, where Truman turned his snout up at the Dog Blobs.  He is a very fussy eater.

In keeping with the pumpkin theme, later that day I decided to see what he looked like in Georgie's old pumpkin Halloween costume.

He was not happy about it.

On Sunday Truman and I headed over to Tina's house, where Nicole joined us for some indoor sketching.  Tina had bought a pumpkin and some cool gourds for us to draw.

They were challenging -- lots of ridges and knobby bits.

I got tired of drawing gourds, so when I noticed Tina's dog Duke sleeping at my feet, I tried drawing him.

Her dog Ginger was also napping nearby.

I wasn't terribly happy with any of my sketches, and didn't want to try the gourds again, so I looked at Tina's kitchen and saw the tables she had set art supplies on, and decided that would make a good subject.

I enjoyed that drawing very much.  And now I think I'm done with pumpkins for this year!

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