Monday, October 10, 2016

This Is What Happens When I Can't Get Outside

The colder, wetter weather is upon us, which means I can't do my favorite thing -- go sketching outdoors.  And this means I start looking around my home for something to paint.  It just so happens that what I like to paint most at home are the walls.

I've already painted murals on a living room wall and two bedroom walls, as well as the bathroom door, and I've done smaller decorative bits here and there around doorways.  I'm running out of good wall space because I made the tactical error when I bought the house of covering up some ratty old wallpaper with anaglypta wallpaper.  This is an embossed paper with a complex design that I can't paint a mural on top of.  Dang -- what was I thinking?!

So on Saturday when it was cold and rainy, I sat on my soft, staring at the narrow strip of available living room wall space between the doorway to the kitchen and the curio cabinet.  Surely I could fit in something decorative there?

Turns out I could!

I started off with a branch alongside the doorway, to which I added some twisting leafy vines.

Those twisting vines suggested Morning Glory, so I added a handful of random Morning Glory flowers.


That looked quite nice and I stopped there.  On Sunday when I looked at it again, I decided it needed something else.  Squirrels were on my mind, as Truman had been having frequent run-ins with those pesky critters, so I added one on the very top.

This is what my view from the sofa looks like now:

That was very satisfying.  As there will be lots more cold and rainy weather ahead, I just might find other bits and pieces of wall space to decorate in the future.


  1. Lovely! I see an entire patch to the left right above the curtains. Have fun!

  2. I didn't like to ask however I have been waiting for the day you painted some more indoor space. Love it. I used to paint climbing roses buds on the uprights in my last home.
    Can hardly wait for the next artwork.