Friday, October 14, 2016

Sunny Days Wrap-Up

Fierce windstorms are being predicted for our area over the next two days -- so far all we've had is a whole lot of rain, though I can see the trees starting to move in the breeze now.  Truman and I are planning to stay put, cozy in our little home, with kibbles and cookies and candles in case the power goes out.

We did have two beautiful sunny days earlier in the week and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  It was even warm enough in the afternoons to do a little sketching.

TUESDAY was my birthday, so I made Truman go shopping with me.  We went to Dick Blick art supply on Capitol Hill, where he helped me pick up some acrylic paints so I can paint more stuff on the walls at home.

The sales clerk offered him a dog treat, which he promptly turned down, as he always does.  He is very picky about what he eats and about who gives it to him.

Next we went across the street to the Elliot Bay Book Company so I could buy a  Seattle map to replace the one in Winnie the Wienermobile which had gotten too crumpled and torn from having been tossed in the back rather than neatly folded and put away in the glove compartment like you're supposed to do.  We'll see how long the new one lasts.

We took a short break at Cal Anderson Park nearby before returning home.

After lunch at home, we headed out again to Magnuson Park, where I have been having a good time drawing little vignettes of the P-Patch community garden there.

When we got back home, my neighbor Charlsia came over to give me a birthday card and a gift:  a 4" x 6" sketchbook!  Yay!

WEDNESDAY morning I took Truman for a stroll around our neighborhood, and paused at two homes to do pen and colored pencil drawings in the new sketchbook (the paper is too thin for watercolor).

One home has a lot of bird houses for sale in the front yard:

Another home has a mosaic studio, with this decor out front:

On Wednesday afternoon, Nicole and I went out sketching -- we stopped first briefly at Matthews Beach park:

Then we headed down the road to Magnuson Park for more garden drawing.

I don't think I'll get out at all this weekend, if the forecast is accurate.  I hope there isn't a power outage so at least I can work on indoor projects.  Stay warm and dry!


  1. I hope all goes well with the nasty storm although painting/drawing by candlelight could prove to be quite interesting! At least it's not super cold or anything.

  2. I realise it's a bit late Alex


    1. Thank you kindly! Truman and I had a fabulous time celebrating.