Monday, October 31, 2016

Sketching at Swanson's Nursery

The Seattle Urban Sketchers had an outing last Friday at Swanson's Nursery in the Crown Hill neighborhood, and after learning the place was dog friendly, I decided to bring Truman along.

There were harvest displays, of course.

And there was this fine topiary creature, which I'm sure would look grand in our yard.

There were Nigerian dwarf goats!

For my first drawing, I chose a tractor and scarecrow display.

Next, I decided to do a series of small views on one page.

Then we did the group sharing of sketches.

Lots of talented folks, as always.  They all showed good taste by admiring Truman, too!

After making Truman put up with the sketch outing (where people kept coming over to pet him!), I rewarded him with a visit to nearby Golden Gardens Park.  There we met a fellow walking two lovely ladies--Gracie and Lucy (yes, the fellow was of an age where the dogs were indeed named after Gracie Allen and Lucille Ball).  They tried to make friends with Truman, who resisted their attentions as best he could.

Someday I'd like to get a longhair red dachshund, whether Truman approves or not!

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