Thursday, October 27, 2016

Travels with Truman on Tuesday

On Tuesday we had some lovely sunny weather and temperatures around 60, so Truman and I headed off to two of our favorite places:  the Montlake Fill and Golden Gardens Park.

As soon as we arrived at the Fill, Truman wanted to know when we were going home.

I didn't blame him, for the Montlake Fill doesn't look like the Fill at the moment.  I have no idea what the eventual plan is for the restoration work, but right now the contractors have hacked down all of the meadows to stubble, and covered much of the space with thick bark mulch (against a return of the blackberries, which of course, is impossible).

This means there are hardly any songbirds about, as these meadows used to host a lot of sparrows and wrens.

We did see some waterfowl on the lake and the ponds, including this pair of Hooded Mergansers.

The new wetlands under construction did look promising -- recent rains had filled in the new pond.

Next we headed over to Golden Gardens park on the Sound.  As soon as I parked, a gull hopped onto the hood to demand food.

The bird flew off when Truman barked at it.

We had a lovely stroll on a very uncrowded beach.

And we enjoyed the marsh ponds at the end of the trail.

The wintering-over wigeons were back in force.

When I stopped to sit on a bench and admire the view, Truman naturally became concerned.  When are we going home?

So we headed back.  It was quite breezy, though so warm that it didn't bother us a bit.

Windblown Truman

Yawning Truman

Happy Truman!

A lovely day all round, and I'm glad we got out and about as the rain returned with a vengeance on Wednesday.  Back to indoor projects for now.

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