Friday, October 21, 2016

Home Decor Update

Recently I moved the sofa away from the front window in the living room, as I do every year when it starts getting colder -- condensation builds up and it gets damp there, thanks to Truman and his blankets.  So I move the sofa against an inside wall and replace it with an armchair, from which Truman can still see outside without fogging things up.  

Here he is on the armchair, annoyed at the furniture rearrangement.

As a result, I had a new view from the sofa of the front wall, and kept noticing the blank spaces here and there.  By Wednesday, I had stared at those spaces a little too long -- and I got out the acrylic paints I bought for my birthday and started slapping random leaf silhouette patterns up there.

I had to take down two pictures to do this -- two original watercolor landscapes of Newfoundland by wonderful "expedition artist" Maria Coryell-Martin.  I had nowhere else to hang them, so I just put them back up over the leaves.

I think it looks fine, just as the silhouette tree on the next wall over looks fine with the pictures hanging up over it.

I'm thinking of painting a silhouette bird perched atop the door frame.  Or maybe two birds.  Or three!

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  1. Very nice! I'm still quite impressed with that tree too. I saw on Facebook that you did indeed add some birdies. Your walls will be filled soon :)