Thursday, July 21, 2016

Two Tool Sheds with a Beach In Between

On Monday I checked out a P-Patch garden in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.  Parking was horrid, the garden was small, and I found just one decent view of the tool shed -- which, at least, was a very nice tool shed.

On Tuesday I checked out the Greenwood Station P-Patch garden.  Other than the entrance way, I found it uninspiring.  Small, with a very plain, boring shed.

It is named "Greenwood Station" because it was a stop on the Seattle-Everett railway back in the early 1900s, a railway that no longer exists.  A nearby park had this commemorative display:

I decided not to sketch there.  As it was warm and sunny and I was already in Greenwood, I came up with the brilliant notion of tootling just a few miles west to Golden Gardens Park.

It turned out to be a low tide day.

Great Blue Herons were out and about.

I also could not help noticing a low-flying helicopter with a camera on its nose which kept flying over two boats.

The copter turned out to be part of a film crew, working on the pilot for a reality TV show called "Walk the Line".    The premise involves teams traveling from one landmark to another in the straightest line possible, regardless of natural obstructions.

I have no idea what the goals were in this pilot, but we did get to see three young women contestants jump off one of the boats and swim to shore.  Perhaps they were on their way to the Space Needle...but where had they started out from?  Most peculiar.

That was it for our Tuesday adventure.  On Wednesday it was back to a P-Patch!  This time we picked up Nicole for a sketch outing at Shoreline's Twin Ponds community garden, where I've sketched before.  It has a good tool shed.

I doubt if I'll go sketching today, as it is supposed to reach 80 -- too hot for little Truman and me!


  1. A fun filled blog to be sure. What's up with tool sheds? Are you trying to get inspiration for a new one or another one? It's an interesting past time. Try to stay cool!

    1. I like interesting tool sheds at the gardens because plants are hard to draw! So I make the shed the focal point, and then I don't have to worry so much about getting accurate plants in there. It's too hot today, didn't go out except to grocery store to buy ice cream. Yum.