Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exploring and Sketching Here and There

This past Saturday I did a little sketching at the Shoreline Farmer's Market, where I found the stalls too chaotic to draw -- so I tried the food truck area instead.

Then I tried to draw two musicians and failed miserably.  After wandering up and down the market stalls and not finding anything I wanted to draw, I noticed the Central Market grocery building next door.  I found it quite attractive.

I decided to artistically remove all of the cars in the parking lot.  Much neater looking that way!

On Sunday morning Truman and I went for a walk at Meadowbrook Pond, and as we were heading home, I randomly turned up a residential street to just slowly explore by car, as there was no traffic about at that hour.  We went up and down and around just looking at houses and gardens.  Then I spotted a bit of woods and pulled over.  I  made Truman get out to walk -- he survived.

Although at times he seemed less than enthusiastic....

Apparently this little spot is part of a city-wide restoration project.  The place was maybe five acres at most -- a pleasant respite in the middle of a neighborhood.

There must have been homes here once.  We liked it better without them.

On Sunday afternoon I went to the zoo with Tina, but first we stopped at her mother's retirement home across the street from the zoo.  While Tina visited, I hung out in the garden.

Photos from the zoo will be posted tomorrow.

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