Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sketching at Magnuson Park

This morning I annoyed Truman by taking him to Magnuson Park and making him sit in his stroller while I drew stuff.  I'm sure he liked it better than being home alone, though.  I hope.

We stopped at the P-Patch Children's Garden, where there were no children at first (a few turned up just as I was finishing up).

As always, I snapped a pic before adding color in case I ruined it.

Most times I prefer the piece with color added.  This time, I preferred the ink drawing as I put too much color all over and it wound up looking messy.

I also made poor Truman hang out at The Mountaineers building so I could draw their rock-climbing wall.  Nobody climbed it while I was sketching it.

Here's the ink drawing.

This time I liked the color version better.

Now we are back home and Truman is comfortably situated on top on his sofa where he is happiest!

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