Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Down with Trees

The post title ought to be "Up with Trees", but sadly, the people who bought the house next to mine are not of the same opinion as I am.  They've got a tree-removal service out there, chopping down every tree they can find, even though they are perfectly healthy.  NOT GOOD.

Now, I can understand their desire to take out this huge Douglas Fir, which is way too close to their house.

But they also took out the beautiful Western Red Cedar in their back yard, not near the house.  It's right next to my fence (you can see the tree remover guy hacking away at it).

My back yard used to have this lovely, deeply shaded area where that cedar's boughs hung over my fence.  It was Truman's favorite pooping spot, and on the outskirts I planted a shade garden.

Here is what the same view looks like now, without the big cedar.

Thankfully, I still have MY cedar, which is the offspring of the one they cut down.   It still provides decent shade, though that deep dark shade alongside the fence is gone.  It is most distressing.  There were quite a few squirrels who loved that tree, and it was very popular with Steller's Jays.

Maybe I'll plant a new tree there, one that overhangs their back yard!


  1. You should definitely plant a tree there. Stupid people. Trees are good, although I must say my own backyard giant tree is distressing me of late what with branches killing my electricity during the storm last October. Need to have trimmed back. Blah.

    1. I do have a Douglas Fir in my back yard which I'll probably have to take out someday -- the previous owners had it topped and when it grew back, it grew back badly with lots of wonky branches. It doesn't look good at all. Dang!

      But yeah, I should plant something in the bare places -- because my entire yard is full of plants and I can't have any empty spots!