Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This past Sunday I went to the Woodland Park Zoo, where I didn't take a lot of photos of the animals because I've taken plenty in the past -- but I did take photos of butterflies.  The butterfly house exhibit has reappeared after an absence of many years, and it is full of beautiful creatures.

I don't know the names of these critters, since they were only allowing one butterfly identification flyer per group, and Tina grabbed ours and kept it.  The only one I remember the name of is this buckeye moth:

I did snap a few pics of other animals, including the Asian Small-Clawed Otters:

We also stopped in at the bird-feeding building:

And we said hello to a grizzly bear:

Plus we paused by a pensive-looking meerkat:

Outside the zoo grounds, I spotted a photogenic Black-capped Chickadee:

There were more critters to visit on Monday -- coming up:  a trip to the reptile zoo in Monroe.

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