Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Report from the Fill: Little Ospreys!

Last Saturday I got down to the Montlake Fill to check on the osprey nest -- there are chicks!  At first, all I could see was the female on the nest, as usual.  Then her mate flew in with food, and TINY heads popped up, just barely visible over the top of the nest.

It was very hard to get any good photos, as the nest is way up there and the best viewing spot is a ways away.

We'll see how much bigger they are by this coming weekend.  This is the first time that ospreys have nested at the Fill -- very exciting!

Later the male took off and fetched a fish for his own breakfast.

And then he flew off again to grab a fresh stick for the nest.

There were other birds at the Fill that caught my eye -- this lovely American Goldfinch, for one:

Another yellow bird that posed ever so nicely for me was this Common Yellowthroat:

It didn't eat the insect -- just perched for the longest time holding it and making clicking sounds.

This Pied-billed Grebe and chicks were over at Yesler Cove in the swamp:

The weekday trail closures are still going on, as the construction continues on the new wetlands area.  I spotted this project sign, which had a slight problem:

You would think that with a $4.38 million budget, they could afford at least one proofreader!

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  1. Oh boy babies! Can't wait to see more of them as they get bigger. Great photos!