Monday, July 18, 2016

A Hummingbird and a Sketch Outing

An Anna's Hummingbird turned up in my yard, which is hardly unusual, and it perched ever so nicely on a blackberry vine, so even though I have plenty of lovely pics of these birds, I decided to take a photo.

I'm really glad I did, because the bird proceeded to scratch its neck, trying to reach some very hard-to-reach spots, which made for even better photos.

Amazing how it can keep its balance on one leg while performing its contortions.

Next, on a completely unrelated topic, a sketch outing!  Last Saturday Nicole and Tina and I went to the Georgetown neighborhood south of downtown, where we found some lovely old brick buildings to draw.

We found a nice empty parking lot behind the buildings to park ourselves.  This is the small section I chose to focus on:

I find arches really hard to render properly.

Then we headed over to Oxbow Park, which has a small P-Patch (community garden).  I enjoy drawing the tool sheds in these gardens.

Afterwards we ventured down the road a few miles to the Daniel Smith art supply store where I spent a bit of money on sketch pads, watercolor paint, and pens.  It's a very fine place, although always dangerous to my pocketbook.

Coming tomorrow:  Osprey chicks!

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