Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hooray for Ospreys!

For the first time in modern memory, Ospreys have nested at the Montlake Fill (AKA Union Bay Natural Area).  Last year the pair arrived and tried to build their nest on the light poles of the nearby baseball stadium, which failed due to the round nature of the lights.  This year when the birds returned and started in on the poles again, the UW arranged for a platform to be built for them just across the way at the Fill.

The Osprey took to it, built a nest, and were sitting on eggs sometime in mid-May.  It's difficult to view the activity inside the nest from below (and there's no webcam), so we don't know exactly when the eggs hatched, but tiny heads were seen popping up about two weeks ago.  And this past Sunday, those heads were considerably bigger, giving much better views.

I saw only two chicks at first, though birders had reported three -- so I was happy when the third youngster popped up.

They are already testing out their little wings.

Mom has been bringing in sticks to fortify the nest -- don't want them falling out as they grow.

Dad has been bringing in the fish.

Mom tears off bits of fish to feed the youngsters.

Dad has also been collecting nest material.

These "cute" youngsters can certainly look just as fierce as their parents.

Finally, here is a short and somewhat wobbly video of feeding time. Enjoy!

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  1. Totally awesome photos (and video). It's too bad there's not a web cam. I bet it would be hugely popular.