Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fun with Reptiles

On the Fourth of July, Tina and I ventured up to Monroe to hang out at the Reptile Zoo.  Because I took a ton of photos there during our recent Easter visit, I didn't take a ton of photos this time, but a few of the critters did catch my eye.

This monitor lizard seemed quite keen on observing the parking lot.  He reminded me of Truman waiting for me to come home -- in a rather large, scaly kind of way.

This Veiled Chameleon had been half hidden by foliage on our previous visit, and I was thrilled to get a clearer photo this time.

I don't think I took a picture last time of these cool Walking Stick Insects.

During the snake handling opportunity, Tina got a little excited about the wee python they gave her.

The monitor lizard also displayed an impressive tongue.

Tina enjoyed her bonding experience with Rocky the Rock Iguana.

This Panther Chameleon preferred hiding, and I was thrilled when it finally emerged.

Check out those feet!

We wanted to get some sketching in, too.  My first effort was the Veiled Chameleon -- I tried adding colored pencil to the watercolor, not entirely successfully.

A simple ink drawing of an iguana turned out better.

I wish I'd had more time to spend on this Caiman Lizard, but it moved.

On the outside of the building is a fun sculpture of a lizard head, which I did in pencil and watercolor.

A great place that is worth the drive!

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  1. I've absolutely got to check this place out someday. That panther chameleon is pretty darn cool.
    I love the photo of Tina with the snake. I have one of me and Kayla holding a snake at the fair when she was about 6. It's one of my favorites.