Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not about art, birds, nature, or even a dachshund

This post is a little out of the ordinary for this blog, but hey, it's my blog and I get to put whatever I want in here, right?  Right!

Last Sunday my friend Cyn and I were on our way to the ball game (Astros at Mariners), and when we got off the bus at the International District station, we heard drumming.  Since it was an hour and a half until game time (we always go early to eat lunch first), we investigated.  And we discovered a festival going on.

We had stumbled upon the annual Dragon Fest, a Pan-Asian celebration with music, dancing, food, and a street fair.

We arrived just in time to see the dragon dancers.

Here is a short video:

We enjoyed looking at the street fair booths, and then we headed over to the stadium for a hot dog and a ball game.  The game turned out to be the worst one we'd seen all season -- full of errors and bad pitching.  By the 7th inning, when the Astros hit a grand slam, the score was 8-0 in their favor.  We decided it might be more fun to give up and go shopping at the Pike Place Market.  A wise choice, as the final score was 8-1.

On a sunny summer weekend day, the market is pretty crowded, but we managed to wend our way through the crowds just fine.  We enjoyed just looking at stuff.

I wasn't planning to spend any money until we hit the kitchen store that specializes in Fiestaware...somehow I wound up with this butter dish.

It's a very nice butter dish, and a huge improvement on the cheap plastic one I previously owned, but when I set it on my kitchen counter, I noticed something.   It looked way nicer than anything else on the counter.  And nicer than the counter top and cabinets, too.  Oh, dear.

Does that mean I have to replace everything else in my kitchen now?   That'll teach me!

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  1. That was cool that you stumbled on the dragon festival. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. The market is a good time with lots to see and the butter dish is gorgeous. Remodel the kitchen? Hmmm.
    Sure hope team gets better with Felix returning.