Monday, July 4, 2016

Down at the Fill

Last Friday Truman and I tootled around the Montlake Fill to check on the construction progress and to see if the ospreys had chicks yet.

Our first sighting was of a Savannah Sparrow that was debating whether to break the rules.

Eventually it flew off, away from the prohibited area.  There are a lot of these signs around now, along with huge mounds of bark mulch that are being used to suppress the invasive blackberry bushes.

We stopped at the bench which has the best view of the osprey platform.  The chicks should have hatched by now, and a fellow birder came by to tell me that he had seen tiny heads poking up, but try as I might, I could see no signs of the youngsters.

Even when the male arrived, bringing a fish breakfast to his mate, no inquiring heads popped up.

I'm planning to check again this morning.  If I don't see anything, I won't be able to check again until at least this Friday due to the construction closures.  

Meanwhile, I've been seeing a lot of rabbits down there this summer.  

I also got to see one of my favorite songbirds -- Cedar Waxwings.

Those were the highlights from our visit.

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