Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You can never have too many photos of Marsh Wrens and Great Blue Herons

Or can you?

Even though I already have a gazillion good photos of Marsh Wrens and Great Blue Herons, I keep taking more.  They are both fabulous birds.  And they are often seen in the same spots at the Fill, being fond of water and all.

Last weekend I saw a Marsh Wren perched atop a cattail that's been singing away over by the crew house -- very likely the same one seen a week or so ago.

He was busy picking fluff out of the cattail and zooming off with it.  Must be nest-building time.

Meanwhile, right next door a Great Blue Heron was skulking behind the reeds.  You can often walk right past one without seeing it, they are so good at blending in and being ever so quiet and still, until something startles them and they take off a few feet from where you are standing, which startles you with the sudden movement and the loud croaking call:  FRONNNNK!

Check out that amazing wingspan!

So I will keep taking photos of these wonderful birds, even though I have a gazillion.

A bird I don't have very good photos of (including the ones below) is the Osprey -- I'd love to get better ones, but whenever I see them, they are always WAY HIGH UP and FAR AWAY, or moving too quickly.  The one I saw at the Fill on Sunday was definitely way too high up and far away but I snapped these photos anyway because it was being chased by a crow.

Here's the Osprey:

And here comes the crow, flying fast below:

And gaining on the Osprey!

And getting above the Osprey in order to dive-bomb it, and chase it away.

It's times like these when I wish I had a professional camera -- or much better, my friend Tina, who is a professional photographer.  Sigh.  Oh, well.

That wraps up the birds of the Fill from this past weekend.  Good stuff!


  1. Well you definitely should keep taking lots of photos of them - both wrens and herons. You do such a good job. The osprey-crow interaction was pretty cool too.

  2. Those are just amazing heron photos. That three-tier color change in the wing feathers doesn't really show as nicely when the heron is stalking.