Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Winston Goes Wading

You probably know by now that my dachshund Truman loves to go in the water any chance he gets.  Meanwhile,  his best buddy Winston has never shown any such inclination.  He clearly thinks Truman is a bit nutty for getting wet on purpose.

However, this past Sunday we discovered how to get Winston wet -- he may not have the swimming gene, but he sure does have the duck hunting one!

Michelle and I took the Hounds to Hidden Lake at Shoreview Park, where Winston was unable to resist the lure of the Mallards.

He was frustrated by the way they kept swimming farther away from him.  And he was also quite unhappy with the way he had to get very wet in order to keep chasing them.

Absolutely no ducks were harmed -- in fact, they seemed utterly nonchalant about the presence of Winston in their midst.  As soon as he gave up and returned to shore, they paddled right back in close, taunting him.  He would wade back out, the ducks would idly paddle out of range, he'd give up again, they would paddle back.  At one point Winston got tangled up in a pile of branches, getting wetter and wetter by the second.  Possibly he won't be quite so determined to get himself a duck next time!

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  1. That's funny the way they taunted him - poor puppy. Cute though.