Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Urban Sketcher Strikes Again

One day earlier this week I was wandering all over the hallways at lunch time, looking for something to sketch, because it was raining out and I couldn't sketch what I really wanted to -- that is, something outdoors.  I guess I'm not that diligent of an "urban" sketcher, since the urban part rarely appeals.  The rest of the Urban Sketchers I've met have no trouble drawing buildings, people, street scenes, cars -- while I pretend not to see these things and wind up finding a potted plant to sketch instead.

That rainy day, though, I had no choice -- every subject was inside a building and I'd already drawn all of the potted plants near my office.  The hallways proved frustrating, as whenever I found a promising view, there was nowhere to sit, and when there was a spot to sit, it was already occupied by a student.  The nerve of them!  They were sitting in the library, studying!

So I wandered over to the building across the street to find a seat near the windows where I could look out over the canal, but the only free seat looked out over the verandah instead, where a fellow in a suit stood talking on his cell phone.  People again.  Then I noticed it was a person I knew -- Scott.  Hah.  Would it not be mildly amusing to sketch someone I knew?  Why, yes, it would, though of course he noticed, and gave me the Stink Eye.

I shan't post the sketches I did here, as they were only so-so, because Scott kept moving his position slightly.  Honestly.  Models are so hard to train these days.

I felt as if I needed a Secret Identity in order to sketch people, a disguise to make me feel more anonymous and comfortable about invading their privacy.  Probably a cape, tights, and a top emblazoned with URBAN SKETCHER  would be too conspicuous.  I'll have to think about this some more.

Meanwhile, the next day it was sunny again, thank goodness, and I was able to stroll over the Montlake Bridge at lunch time and down to the point of the little park by the marina.  There I found a lovely view which demanded a two-page spread.

It's supposed to sunny and warm again today, so I will avoid buildings and people in search of things to draw.  Maybe I ought to turn in my "Urban" Sketcher badge....

Oh, and Attention, Mary!  Better get down to the gallery before my stuff is all gone!  The owl is still available (original):

And so is a nice print (much cheaper!) of the aspen trees:

Avoid May 16-17 as that's the U-District Street Fair weekend.  Unless, of course, you like that sort of intense urban activity!


  1. Shoot. I was hoping to see the sketches of Scott. That is a nice view from the park, though. Is the original of the aspens gone, then? I am hoping to get down to the gallery this weekend or next.

    1. The original of the aspens was purchased by the shop owner, who then put it in a $40-per-foot marquetry frame with inlaid leaves that she'd been saving for ten years for the right piece, and then presented it to her husband (who had admired it greatly during a visit to the shop) as an anniversary gift, to be put on the mantel beside their wedding photos which were in the same framing material. I was touched.

      The print is quite nicely done, though, and very affordable!

      The Scott Sketches were nothing to write home about, as he had half his face hidden by his hand/phone. It's mostly hand, glasses, and short tufts of hair. If he'd like to pose *properly* for me some time, I'd be happy to try again.

    2. He would not, but ta awfully.

      I like the owl a lot.

  2. That is a very sweet story about the original of the aspens! It reminds me of the house we did *not* get because the neighbors were buying it for their parents. Some times you just have to admit that the other person has a better claim.