Thursday, April 23, 2015

Brief Dachshund Post

The Hounds went to Golden Gardens beach last Sunday and had a nice walk, though sadly the surf was too much for Truman, who normally loves to go wading.  He did not like the fact that the water came running at him.  So  he didn't go in.

Instead, he and Winston just ambled along, enjoying the sunshine and the sand.

Winston, who is definitely not a water dog, was highly suspicious of the waves as well.

There are handy benches along the beach that are perfectly placed for that moment when you are nearly finished with your walk but want to take a small break before heading to the car, a few relaxing minutes to bask.  With, of course, a damp sandy dog on your lap.

The gray cloudy skies have returned today, threatening rain, and the forecast for this coming weekend is not looking good.  Darn!

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  1. Lovely day and lovely photos. Seattle has a LOT going for it.