Thursday, April 16, 2015

Of Kissing Cormorants and Other Things

First, though, before I get to the birds, here is Truman at work yesterday asking me WHY I forced him to spend a day away from his sofa:

Silly dog.

On our walk in to work via the Montlake Fill, we spied the usual Double-crested Cormorants hanging out on the soccer field lights:

One pair engaged in a bout of bill touching -- from what I've read, it is a sign of affection.

You can see a short video of the bill-touching display here:

In case that doesn't work, you can also view it on on my Flickr site by clicking here.

Here is a view from our walk, which makes for a very pleasant stroll to and from the office:

On our walk home from work, we saw many fine herons, the usual Marsh Wren singing from the top of a cattail, and the female pheasant that's been at the Fill since last summer, which came out from the brush to cross the trail:

For some reason, the phrase "Why did the pheasant cross the road?" popped into my head.  Probably for the same reason the chicken does, I expect.

The forecast today is for 60s and sunshine.  Hope I get a chance to enjoy it during my lunch break.


  1. "The pheasant that has been at the Fill all summer?" Just what month is it? (And why is it that I haven't heard about this pheasant before? Clearly it's been too long since I've been to the Fill.)

    1. Well, it feels like we've had enough warm sunny weather over the past few months to equal a typical Seattle summer. Post, though, has been emended to read "since last Summer" -- I think it turned up end of August/early September. You have heard about it before, because I posted photos of it before several months ago.

      Of course, it usually is hiding in the tall grass/brush and no one ever sees it. Right place, right time is the key. Even Connie has seen it only twice.

      Perhaps the canoes are calling to you?