Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A bird, some mountains, and a drawing of a bird

That's what you put up for a title when you can't think of a post title.

First up, the Cinnamon Teals have returned from their wanderings to hang out at the Montlake Fill:

Always a favorite, with that lovely color.  Connie and I also spied our first Orange-crowned Warbler of the year there, flitting about with the Yellow-rumped Warbler crowd.  Most of the wintering waterfowl have flown away, and to help make up for their loss, more and more swallows arrive every day.  We've had Violet-green and Tree Swallows but are still waiting for the first Barn, so keep an eye out!

Next, "some mountains" are a view of the Olympics that I got this past weekend from Carkeek Park:

What a fabulous place I live in, where these sorts of things are just hanging out in my city's backyard.

And lastly, more art!  Last night I decided to try drawing in pencil for a change, and chose a juvenile Ruff that I snapped a pic of last autumn up in the Skagit.  I just finished it this morning:

And now I'd better get ready for work....yay....


  1. Nice Ruff! And yes you do live in a wonderful place and yet you talk of moving to Bellingham when you retire. Blah. So much more to see and do in Seattle and The Boys are there every summer. Seriously.

    1. Bellingham turns out to be more expensive, housing-wise, than I can afford. I'd pretty much have to live in a trailer park! No thank you.

      I'm thinking of getting a Mariners season ticket when I retire. All 81 home games. Bit of a splurge but could be fun!

      Stoopid Dodgers.

    2. That's funny. I'm hoping to move to Seattle (maybe Ballard area near Crystal) after I retire and get season tickets too. Fun!!! They really aren't that expensive for certain sections of the ballpark. I can't believe Bellingham is so spendy!

    3. Well, Seattle is even spendier...I couldn't afford to live in my own house if I were trying to rent it -- $2000 a month is the estimated rent for my tiny place. !! Jeez Louise!