Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Make Truman Go Places

Last weekend Hairy Truman got out and about a bit (not that he wanted to be out and about), first to the Montlake Fill, then to Magnuson Park, then to a plant sale.  What he really wanted, as always, was to be home on his sofa or wandering around his own back yard -- so I made sure he got to do that, too.

Here he is at the Fill, yawning at Connie, because he is bored.  The reason he is in his stroller is because I was using it to carry art supplies, and when I stop to sketch, he likes to take it over.

Here he is at the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop parking lot, where there was a plant sale.  He was bored there, too.

And here he is exploring his own back yard, where he is never bored and always happy:

Truman is going to turn THREE years old on April 15!  Hard to believe.  What a fine young dog he's turned into!


  1. Oh poor Hairy Truman is SO mistreated she said sarcastically. I can't believe he's almost 3 either. Tempus fugit. He's a sweetheart all right. Can't wait to see him and have him growl at me in May.

    1. Bribe him with chicken and he will be your best friend forever.