Friday, April 3, 2015

Briefly: more dog pics

Because I don't have anything new today, here are more fabulous photos of Truman  -- from a nice long walk we took yesterday evening after work at Magnuson Park:

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha! I knew you would post something today sooner or later. Nice "long" walk eh? I'm sure Truman loved that! Have a great weekend. BASEBALL MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, I had to pull him the first couple hundred feet or so, until he got the idea that he had to WALK gosh darn it. No stroller allowed! And we went about two miles total. He was irked, but put up with it, and even paused to sniff stuff now and then.

      The opening game is in the afternoon! while I'm at work!!! so not fair! I mean, I'm assuming they will re-air it in the evening but that's NOT THE SAME as watching it live. Arrrrggghhh.