Friday, April 10, 2015

A Stroll at the Montlake Fill

Yesterday I got to hang out at a meeting held at the UW Waterfront Activities Center, and when lunch time came, I got to eat it outside with a view:

While I sat there eating, Tree Swallows were flitting about, and then two of them landed on a branch nearby:

I had some time after eating and before returning to work to stroll around, and this happens to be the back side of the Montlake Fill -- lucky me!  First, I found the usual Great Blue Heron:

Meanwhile, the Double-crested Cormorants were hanging out on the soccer stadium light standards, and one pair had a noisy meet and greet session:

Then they did a bit of bill-tapping:

And then they told their nearest neighbor to get lost:

On the way back I paused by one of my favorite views, and noticed a Common Merganser on a log.

I zoomed in for close up shots.

This is a merganser yawning:

Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour at work.

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