Monday, April 27, 2015

Art Update: at the Gallery

Allison at Four Corners Art and Frame now has some of my original watercolors nicely framed and ready for viewing!  And the rest are matted and hanging out in the bins for the perusal of fine-art appreciators.  Hope you can check it out sometime (though avoid May 16/17, which is the U-District Street Fair weekend, unless you like that sort of thing, and also, the shop is not open on Sundays).

These were on a loveseat when I was last there, but will soon be on the wall.  Ignore the glare.  They look fabulous.

Less expensive art!  There are also a few prints available.

She chose a stunning frame for the eastern Washington landscape.  I'm quite pleased.

Meanwhile, this past week I did just a couple of small sketches -- while out and about on Earth Day during my lunch break, I happened across a festival at Red Square (where I scored a few free tasty snacks).

On Friday I had to be at the office (usually that's my telecommute day), and it turned out a small subset of the Urban Sketcher group was meeting that day to sketch inside the main library on campus, and I managed to join them briefly.  This is the view looking down at the Allen Library atrium, where there is a display of books and a lot of raven sculptures hanging from wires overhead, which portrays a Native American myth.

My next art project is to paint the tool shed -- a very large canvas upon which I hope to put a simple beach scene to liven up that corner of the back yard (while cleverly using up some old house paints that are cluttering up the inside of the shed right now).


  1. I love the framed teepee. Unfortunately, she told me this one was something like $180 WITHOUT THE FRAME so I may have to put my purchase on the back burner. Gak.

  2. How very exciting! They look great even with the glare.


  3. What size is the teepee anyway? I'm still thinking about it . . . .

    1. I believe the actual painting is 8x10 but Allison would know for sure. Or I can measure it next time I stop in. Or if it's still unsold by July and you come up this way, you could go check it out in person. Art doesn't sell quickly, it would probably still be around then and it's always best to see something in person rather than online.

    2. Yes I probably would like to see it up close and personal. That seems small for the price but what the heck do I know. It is an original after all. Thanks for the info. I sure like that frame.

  4. Beautiful watercolours, as usual I am impressed