Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Long Weekend: Part Four

On Sunday my friend Tina and I headed off to the Woodland Park Zoo to get in some much-needed sketching.  Though it was chilly (okay, so 40 degrees is chilly to us here), and we did get awfully cold while drawing at the outdoor penguin exhibit, most of our time was spent walking rapidly from one indoor exhibit to another.  I highly favored taking photos instead of sketching as we raced through the outdoor exhibits.  

Chilly penguin posing nicely

Quickly drawn sketches before my fingers went numb...there was also a heron hanging out with the penguins.

Egyptian Box Turtles in the reptile house

It was nice and warm in the reptile exhibit, and we both did longer sketches there.

One of the hippos was out and about.  No sketching -- too cold!

Nor did I try to draw this lovely Aplomado Falcon

We did pause at the Komodo Dragon exhibit, though:

The grizzly area has a heated viewing shelter, but the bears weren't near it, they were far away where it was too cold to draw them.

 My favorite sketches of the day were inside the VERY WARM tropical rainforest building -- the snake was easy as it didn't move, but the more lively toucan was challenging and fun.  

 I also was happy to be able to add color to these two sketches.  It was a great outing, and I hope to get out sketching again somewhere fun this coming weekend -- I miss the summery days when it was so easy to find outdoor places to draw.  It's harder to find interesting indoor venues -- at least for me, since I'm not that keen on sketching people and buildings!


  1. Lovely! I wish I had a zoo a lot closer that I could go to at least once a month. You are so lucky. My favorites were the hippo and the falcon. How about sketching in a museum? I know you've done that in the past. Nice and warm.

    1. We did enjoy sketching at the Burke (natural history/anthropology) museum on campus, and at the car museum in Tacoma. The next Urban Sketchers outing will be at the main Seattle library -- that might work well. We shall see!