Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day part two

The second hotel lobby we visited on Christmas Day was the Fairmont Olympic, built in 1924.  It's on the National Historic register and thank goodness for that, as it has fabulous interiors that need preserving.

Here is the grand ballroom:

And here is the view from the grand ballroom entrance looking back into the lobby:

This beautiful staircase went three stories down.

We did not do any sketching there, but I'd like to go back sometime to try drawing the architecture, which I find daunting.

I did sketch the next day at a Christmas party -- we had a White Elephant gift exchange on Boxing Day:

The last Christmas themed photo is a Study in Green and Red (AKA, an Anna's Hummingbird at my feeder):

Coming Wednesday:  More drawing at Sky Nursery.

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  1. That's a gorgeous building. I used to have a photo of that hotel that I would put up as a screensaver, but I think I accidentally deleted it - phooey. I still have the Davenport in Spokane though. It's also beautiful.