Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: The Year of Art in Review

I like to have an annual theme, something to explore, pay closer attention to – and I decided that 2015 would be a Year of Art.  The idea was to make art more of a regular practice rather than the dabbling I’d done before.   I’d say it’s been pretty successful!

What happened:
·         A little gallery took 20+ watercolors on consignment (Four Corners Art and Frame shop in the U-District), and sold over half of them along with a few prints.

·         I entered a painting in the Shoreline Arts Festival, where it was selected for the Juried Exhibit.
·         I tried different media, including pastels...

...colored pencils...


...and acrylics...

·         I painted really big (murals)...

... and really really small (miniatures)

·         I read a bunch of art books
·         I went to galleries, art museums, and art festivals
·         The best thing:  I joined the Seattle Urban Sketchers group and went off on many adventures around the city and beyond, meeting new folks, getting two of my friends to join in the fun, and having a blast drawing whatever we found in a low-key, non-critical fashion. 

Urban sketches --  a few of my favorites:

The absolutely very best of all thing that happened was that my friend Tina, who had given up drawing and painting over thirty years ago, was inspired by my reports on the Urban Sketchers to tentatively give it a try – and she loved it so much that she couldn’t stop – she has wholeheartedly rediscovered and embraced her youthful love of drawing.  The sheer joy of her experiences with art this year have made everything else I’ve accomplished pale in comparison. 

So art is now a big part of my life, and will continue to be so. 

Onward to 2016 – the first year of retirement – the Year of Exploration and Renewal! 


  1. Such a happy post - congratulations on your successful year. I'm particularly glad that Four Corners took an interest; I love the painting I bought there!

    1. And I am delighted to know that painting found the perfect home. Thank you for supporting your plucky local independent artist!