Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Market Sketching

On Sunday Tina and Nicole and I went to Lake Forest Park town center where a holiday craft market was in full swing, as well as a winter farmer's market.

Finding a good sketching spot was challenging due to the crowds, but I found a bench across from two booths I liked, one selling colorful totes and the other with glass flower decorations.

While I was sketching, two people stopped to chat and both asked if I was a part of the Urban Sketchers group.  One knew another member, and the other person was the tote bag booth owner -- an urban sketcher had drawn her booth the previous year, and made business cards for her using that sketch.  It's very cool when people know about the Urban Sketcher group.

Upstairs at the Third Place Books Commons area, I checked out the winter farmer's market -- it was also very busy and nearly every seating spot was taken.

I found a place to sit across from a vegetable stand, and enjoyed drawing it, though I didn't feel terribly inspired by the subject matter.  The vegetables were too small and hard to delineate.

Luckily, I wandered down a ways and found that Tina had snagged a prime table right across from a booth with larger, more colorful subjects, and I was much happier.

A fine outing all round.

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