Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Long Weekend: Part 2

On Black Friday Michelle and I avoided the insanity of the malls by going to the small town of Snohomish, which has a fun main street full of old buildings housing independently owned antique shops, boutiques/gift shops, and cafes.  So much more relaxing, totally uncrowded, and though I didn't buy anything, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at stuff that isn't the same stuff you see for sale everywhere else.

There's a large antique mall that is one of our favorites:

Some of it is antique and some vintage -- I always enjoy the odd mix of items available.

Another favorite is Pegasus, which has a lot of vintage memorabilia, much of it car-related or TV/Movie collectibles, or just wacky fun things:

They also have a vintage cafe (hot dogs and sodas, of course).

At our final favorite shop, Michelle found a terrific mid-century modern salt-and-pepper shaker set and could not resist.  Plus, it was on sale.  Can't go wrong there!

A most enjoyable excursion.

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  1. Fun fun fun!! That's my kind of shopping too. I HATE crowds and I never go anywhere on Black Friday unless it's the poker room LOL. Looks like a great place.