Monday, December 21, 2015

Finally, some sunshine at the Fill

After quite a lot of rainy weather of late, we got a bit of sun over the weekend.  On Saturday morning Truman and I trotted around the Fill.  We didn't see a whole lot of birds out and about, but we had a good time anyway -- it's always a lovely spot.

I tried to steer Truman away from the puddles, but he insists on testing the water wherever he finds it, no matter how cold.

I do not, of course, let him go into the ponds.  Those are strictly off-limits at the Fill.

The ponds are for the ducks, after all.  We spotted a Northern Shoveler on the main pond.

And we saw this lovely American Wigeon pair on the lake.

Where I also prevented Truman from wading.

We saw very few songbirds along the route, possibly due to the presence of an accipiter.  When we got back to the parking lot, though, a whole crowd of sparrows was feeding on the gravel path -- Golden-crowned, White-crowned, Song Sparrows, and a Dark-eyed Junco or two.

Can I eat that?

Song, Golden-crowned, and White-crowned

'bye for now!


  1. I needed that last photo on a Monday morning - very cute! Enjoy your next-to-last week ever at work, she said jeaslously.

  2. Good to see the sun and the birds out and about. We've also just had a couple of days of rain, really needed it though, but I loathe dismal days. It could rain all it likes if only the sun was out, guess I'd have to move to the tropics. Truman really liked those puddles, how cold was it? It's supposed to be summer here, day before yesterday it was 35C and yesterday and today 14 what will tomorrow bring I wonder.

    1. It was in the low 40s (F). And the next day we went for a walk along the lake front, and he tried to go wading again -- the lake water is really cold, so he didn't go very far, just got his paws wet.