Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sky Nursery Sketches

Last Sunday Tina and I drove up to Sky Nursery to see what we could find to draw.  Although the main outdoor plant section is enclosed, the big door was open, letting chilly air in, so we scurried into the nice, warm, indoor section where they sell supplies and gifts.  

There we found this wonderful subject -- hats for sale!   I admit to a bit of artistic editing -- I left out the hats on the back side, a pile of more garish hats cluttering up the bottom, and a mirror on top.  I really like the clean, simplified result.

Next I wandered around the bulb section, and found an old wagon display.  I think this would have worked better if I'd drawn it from an angle, but there was no place to sit on my camp stool anywhere but the spot with the straight-on view without getting in the way of customers.  So this turned out okay but not great.

Then I checked out the nice, warm, houseplant area.  I found a handy bench across from shelves holding small stone fountains and bonsai plants:

Beside this display, on the floor, stood a bust of Buddha.  After the hat stand, this was my second favorite sketch of the outing.

Although we stayed there just a bit over one hour, I got some excellent sketching done.  I'm looking forward to Spring when the huge outdoor plant areas are warm enough to draw in, as there is a lot of good material there.


  1. Very nice! It sounds like the Year of Art shall continue into 2016 yes? It's been fun seeing all the stuff!


    1. yes, art will definitely continue! and yes, I'm now counting the hours instead of days...about 10 hours left now... wheee!!!!!

    2. Happy New Year Alex. Truman will love having you around more now that you are retired. What does it feel like, Freedom!