Friday, December 4, 2015

The Long Weekend: Part 5

Hey, you might be wondering if you've read all of my Long Weekend posts, wasn't that weekend all about Thanksgiving?  What happened to Thanksgiving, and where did the turkey get to?

Well, on Thanksgiving Day itself I had a lovely day with Truman, and then in the afternoon our friends Winston and Chloe came for a dog-sitting visit.

Happiness is a warm puppy...or two...or three.

Ah, but do not worry -- I did get my turkey feast!  It just happened on Saturday, what the kids call "Friendsgiving" at John and Nicole's lovely home.  We had a fabulous gourmet feast.

Not shown in the above photo were the half-dozen or so varieties of cheese, the homemade blinis with creme fraiche and caviar, the pumpkin pie, and the mincemeat pie.  Mmmmmm.  I had a little bit of pretty much everything.

And shown:  Kim's delicious lemon and vanilla birthday cake:

The company was darn fabulous, too!

Thus ends the Long Weekend Series.  Happy Friday!


  1. All the food looks gorgeous, but that cake is simply elegant. Yum.

    1. You know I rarely touch a dessert that doesn't have chocolate in it, but that cake was seriously tasty.

  2. Well I was caught by surprise yesterday when day 4 of your long weekend appeared. I was expecting 3 and before I knew it day 5 rolled in before I oould write about day 4. I did enjoy your day at the zoo and your sketches and photos. Was it really 40 all day, you are a tougher person than I to be out in such temperatures. Anyway you have those great photos to sketch from at home in the warmth. Always love your sketches, goes without saying and as you said it was nice to put in a little colour. Then today it was a feast, looked great and nice to see Truman with his playdate.