Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meadowbrook Again

When the weather is iffy, as it was this past weekend, and I can't tell if a respite from the rain is going to last very long, my default outing is Meadowbrook Pond Park because it's close (1 mile), it's quiet, it has ducks, and it's small (9 acres) so Tru and I can walk around it quickly in case the weather shifts.

So that's where we went on Sunday afternoon after a day and a half of rain, when a brief break came (though with ominous clouds about).  It's not great for bird watching -- the Park has a large crow population, a few Song Sparrows now and then, a resident kingfisher, and an occasional towhee.  The ducks are mainly Mallards, joined in the wintry months by a few random wigeons, mergansers, and a Bufflehead or three.  Great Blue Herons make appearances, as well as cormorants.  Perfectly nice birds, if not terribly exciting.

On Sunday there was a Double-crested Cormorant hanging out there:

And a lovely pair of American Wigeons:

As usual, Truman walked around the park as quickly as possible, ignoring the birds and wondering why I had to stop to look at birds when all he wanted to do was get back to the car.

No duck need ever fear the presence of this single-minded hound.  Home!

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  1. Any birds are good even if they are just run of the mill.