Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Garden Update

Now that Spring has finally Sprung, things are blooming all over the garden!  Always a fun time of year, if only the weeds didn't bloom as well.

First, the rosebuds are starting to open:

my favorite floribunda

my only David Austin rose

Buff Beauty

The weigela shrub is always colorful at this time of year:

Last year I yanked out the oriental poppy, as it was getting very scraggly, but some of it must have survived, because this is happening:

Meanwhile, the columbine is also happy:

As is the meadow rue:

I have a bird and bee friendly garden.  This is one of the many varieties of Monarda, also known as Bee Balm:

The foxglove blooms only every other year, and this is its year!

There are a lot more roses that are getting close to blooming, and the crop of mallow won't bloom until mid-summer, nor have the peonies opened, so there will certainly be more updates later in the season.

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