Monday, May 15, 2017

A Quiet Stroll

The weekend was quiet, with short, simple outings to local parks, plus a bit of sketching here and there.

It started on Friday with a morning walk around Green Lake.  Well, that is, I walked, while Truman mostly strolled.

I did make him get out now and then, but he startles easily, and if anyone rode past on a bicycle or worse, an evil skateboard, he would start trying to climb up my legs to get back in the stroller.

Luckily, there were very few cyclists and only one skateboarder.  And as usual, the closer we got to our starting point and the car, the more motivated he was to walk.

He also enjoyed sitting on my lap when I took a short rest on a bench.

I did just one sketch there of a small church:

It was too cold to sit around long -- yes, after some lovely warm sunny days last week, Seattle has returned to its cool, drizzly, cloud-covered Spring.  Sigh.

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