Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stroll 'n' Sketch

Most of the time I like to combine sketching with a nice walk/stroll with Truman.  For one thing, his stroller's storage compartment is handy for hauling the bulky camp stool, as well as food and water.  And of course, I get my daily exercise out of the way while exploring new places.

Yesterday's Stroll 'n' Sketch was not to a new place--I decided to return to the North Seattle College campus and environs--though I did explore more of it this time.

We started out by parking about eight blocks away from the campus, by Licton Springs Park.

This is a pleasant little spot with a sketch-worthy stream, but it was too cool at this point to sit and draw in comfort, so we moved on.

Another four blocks or so along is the local community garden--another good spot to sketch, but again, still too cool.

We arrived at the campus (this used to be the North Seattle Community College--they've dropped "community" from the name).  My idea was to roam around the buildings looking for good views, but I quickly discovered that the campus is positively riddled with stairs, with no obvious accessible routes or signs.  Rather frustrating!

So I moved on to the greenbelt, which runs alongside the main parking lot.  There I found a very simple scene that I liked, and by now the temperature had risen just enough for a bit of sitting and sketching.

Just as I finished, more clouds rolled in, things cooled down a bit, and I decided that was it for sketching.  So we just roamed around the greenbelt area a little more before heading back to the car.

There are rumors of much warmer, much sunnier days ahead--could we possibly see seventy degrees soon?  We shall see!

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