Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Indoors and Out

The Saturday forecast was for cool, unpredictable weather, so the Northend Sketchers got together indoors to draw from photographs.

We found photos of cool old Irish castle ruins and projected them onto a big TV for easier sketching. The first photo was of Dunluce Castle.  I spent some time on a drawing with lots of details, and then did a second one as fast as possible.  I like them both.

The 25-minute version:

The five-minute version:

I don't know the name of the second castle ruins--I didn't get the colors quite right (the reddish parts on the walls were more vivid with magenta tones), but oh, well.  It's only practice!

On Sunday there were sun breaks in the wacky Spring weather, and Truman and I managed to get out to Magnuson Park for a stroll.

Last year I started a series of drawings of various views at the P-Patch Community Garden there, but I started them rather late in the season.  This year I want to sketch there from Spring onwards.  This is the entrance to the garden, with a small tool shed in the background.

There are many fine views and fine flowers in the garden, and if it ever warms up, Truman and I will be back.

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